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Suet Yi. 32 years old
*nickname* Mrskitty Yi
Malaysian Chinese,
who can't read Chinese
Full-time wife,Full-time mama
Full-time clerk at an office,
Part-time online seller,
Part-time blogger,
Part-time iPhone & Android themer

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"No kidding! We cycled all the way up to the hill. I think that's the reason all the tourists here keep on looking at us."

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"Do you know how happy am I? One of my wishlist ticked."
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Countdown to CNY

Are you ready for Chinese New Year? 
I'm so excited. My youngest daughter's new hairstyle.

Perm her hair. So cute!! Like a princess now.
Me too! This year,I chose dark purple colour instead of light colour
like last year... Must change change :)

My colleagues and I had organized our own annual lunch too
on last Friday. Our relation not only colleagues, but as close as best friends.

First must-have group photo.

And the funny one. Too bad,1 of the new colleague's 
face covered.

We had steamboat and take-away Prosperity Yee-Sang
from Sushi King. I super like their Yee-Sang.
First try and it tastes superb. I not a Yee-Sang fans,
and their Yee-Sang's taste is quite unique with a bit wasabi flavour.

Thanks to Mr Hubby's cousin for this Hello Kitty Butter Crispy Cake
all the way from Taiwan. She knows I'm Hello Kitty die-hard fans,
so she brought this for me,even though is her brother bought for her. :P

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