Saturday, February 4, 2017

CNY 2017

Last Friday was Chinese New Year Eve.
It is the day when all family members back to hometown
to have reunion dinner.

Finally, not steamboat this year..After like...3 years having steamboat 
as our reunion dinner. Simple yet delicious reunion dinner cooked by
my father-in-law this year.

Taken these photos on Chinese New Year Eve.
 My daughters all grow up so beautiful πŸ’•

Last year had been a great year for me πŸ’• I hope this year will continue to be a great one too.
I'm here to wish that this New Year will bring 
good luck, money, prosperity and longevity to everyone.
 Happy Chinese New Year πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
#ChineseNewYearEveOOTD #sohappyislimdown

I'm really happy that I slim down. My arm no longer thick.
My thigh too! And tummy fat slim a bit. Good news right? Haha..


Chinese New Year Day 1:
Watch CNY movie- Kungfu Yoga.
Nice movie. Very funny. Recommended if you haven't watch.
Last year, we almost watched all of the CNY movie.
This year just managed to watch 1 only.
Too busy visiting relatives :P

Chinese New Year Day 2:
Back to Kuantan to be spoiled by dad & mom πŸ˜‡πŸ’•

Angpao (red packet) from dad & mom πŸ’•
In Chinese culture, Angpao is a blessing and symbolize good luck for the person receiving. Therefore, this year will be another great year for me too.

The right side is my dad's surname while the left one,my mom's.
Custom made red packets :)

Our activity at 2nd night of CNY...
Enjoying The Great British Circus performance ❤️πŸŽͺ 
1 of my childhood memories and now bring my daughters to watch the performance 
so they will have a sweet childhood memories πŸ’• This is their 1st time.
 They were very excited! The little one enjoyed the show so much!
No toilet time as she was too focus with the show haha!!

We bought VIP seat and it is the front seat.
Good view. Hehehe... 
The performer even shake hands with my youngest daughter.
Uploaded a few short videos in my FB.

Photo with our favourite performer ❤️πŸŽͺ

Chinese New Year Day 3:
Up to Cameron Highlands.
Stay there for 1 night.

Some of the photos :)
As usual,more uploaded in my FB.

Day 5 of Chinese New Year, go to visit relatives.

Famous pose or you called this, Instagram worthy photo? :P

My only sister, we meet once a year, so must selfie.

3 years ago & now. Any difference?
I considering to keep my hair long. Should I? 
Or can I keep it long? I afraid I will cut it because of too hot.

Okay,so... East Coast Mall,Kuantan had 1 Korean shoe shop
just opened. Selling very nice,fashionable shoes.

And I can't resist buying this. 
My very trendy yet comfortable new sandals #paperplanes #koreashoe 
Really really comfortable. Even after you walked for few hours,
it won't hurt your foot. I like it! Like...Finally,I found my sandals :)

Year 2017 1st family portrait. #happyfamily

Something funny to share with you all.
Meitu effect! I look so sweet right!! Like comic character.
Big eyes,small lip..
Go try this app if you haven't.

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