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Daiso Malaysia

I'm late again to share with all Malaysia kitty fans.
Daiso Malaysia has a few Hello Kitty items selling now.

Mostly of the items actually already sell in Daiso Japan.
Some of them I owned already with the help of friends going to Japan.

What I got from Daiso Malaysia.
There is also Hello Kitty food clips set and curtain tie.
I didn't buy the food clip & curtain tie because I had earlier asked
my online friend, Joyce to help me buy.

Hello Kitty soap pouch?
Not sure what to call this,but you can put soap bar into it
to wash dishes.Or to bath? Hehe...

Hello Kitty shower cap.

There is also My Melody & Little Twin Star shower cap.
And frankly speaking, I like the My Melody shower cap more
than this Kitty one, because the My Melody one is in PINK!!!
They should consider making the Hello Kitty design in pink!

Hello Kitty eyelashes box.

Hello Kitty curtain clip.
At first,I'm not sure what this for.
Stupid me,right!!

After seeing the packaging clearly,
I know what is this for.
To clip the end of 2 curtains so that it won't open.
So cute right?!!

Hello Kitty eyelashes box but this one in smaller size.
With handphone strap,kind of like keychain or phone charm.

There is also Hello Kitty hangers set but 
I didn't see in Daiso East Coast Mall Kuantan.
Maybe already sold out :(
The kitty hanger I had already actually. Last time bought from
a Singapore online seller. Think of adding more of this kitty hanger to my

So,hope you all will rush to the nearest Daiso and grab the Hello Kitty items that 
you haven't have. :)

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