Saturday, April 29, 2017

All the lil stuff...

Today's post is all about the lil stuff 
that I got for myself which makes me happy.
Happiness is so easy,depend on how you see it.

#1 Watermelon printed Iphone 6+ case that I got from Mr. D.I.Y outlet.
This case matchy matchy with my watermelon blouse :)

#2 My Melody powerbank from buythisbuythat website.
Not impulse buy,okay. My milk bottle powerbank spoilt,
so I need to get a new one to replace it.

This cute powerbank is 10k mAh. 
Comes together with all the charms.
I like furry bulky charms hanging together with powerbank.
Mr Hubby said that will add up the weight of the powerbank

#3 Dinosaur plushie Iphone 6+ cover.
This is so so so cute!! Even in green,not my favourite colour.
But I still wanna get it.
Where to buy? I don't buy phone covers selling outside.
I got it from my suppliers. If you interested,I can pre-order for you.

#4 Hello Kitty pink monitor & keyboard side cover set.
I got this cover set ready stock. Can contact me if you wanna buy.
I'm selling RM25/set. Fits 14-21 inch monitor.
Btw,that's my working place in office. I can tell you,my table
is the most pinky you can find in office.

#5 Customized Blythe carrier.
Finally I own a Blythe carrier that suits me.
Bought a few carrier these few years but none makes me satisfied.

Inside of the carrier. Furry type.
Very comfortable for my Blythe to sleep in,right? :P

#6 Hello Kitty photo props set.
This one you surely must grab it if you are Hello Kitty fans.
I have ready stocks for this,selling RM8/set.
Selling very fast,restock on the way.
I got 1 set for myself too,can use for next Hello Kitty gathering 
with my kitty friends.

Update of myself.
Feeling so young when wearing a pink shorts.

Went to the newly opened MyTown shopping mall
last week. Nothing much can buy from there.
Only there is a boutique name Sui Sui Fashion.
All the clothes selling there cheap & nice. Bought a few apparels there.

And also my favourite Padini store. 
Went to Ikea and saw a lot of nice furnitures,so wanna 
get it for my home. But transport problem.
Is there any lorry service helping people to fetch furnitures with certain charges?
If you know any,feel free to comment below :)


I like how this MyTown mall has a few spaces in every level
for photo taking. There is this with a motivation quote 
very meaningful. Too bad I didn't bring my camera to take this photo.
My brother's camera no good. So blurry when you zoom this photo.

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