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Suet Yi. 32 years old
*nickname* Mrskitty Yi
Malaysian Chinese,
who can't read Chinese
Full-time wife,Full-time mama
Full-time clerk at an office,
Part-time online seller,
Part-time blogger,
Part-time iPhone & Android themer

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"No kidding! We cycled all the way up to the hill. I think that's the reason all the tourists here keep on looking at us."

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"Do you know how happy am I? One of my wishlist ticked."
BTW,this is my most favourite photo!

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♥Happy Mama's Day♥

Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing. 
Cheers to all mothers ♥

Nothing special happen today.
I still cook for my lil family.
You know, mothers in this world are the 
only person who doesn't have holiday :)

I received mother's day present from my 3 daughters 
earlier this month.

My daughters bought the backpack for me while 
the other handbag for my mom from me,my brother & my sister.
Coincidently, both of us chose red colour. Same same :)

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