Sunday, April 9, 2017


Brother-in-law (Mr Hubby's younger brother) who is same age with me,
my friend from another school who had became my bro-in-law :)
went to China,business purpose.
Had brought souvenir for my....daughter. Not me :(

It is a very cute Hello Kitty remote control car with Hello Kitty song.

I had made a video + photo collage.

Last weekend, went to watch Beauty & the Beast movie.
Coincidently, GSC was celebrating #GSC30 

Before we went into the cinema, I was requested 
by the GSC workers to take a photograph together with them.

And then,this weekend went to watch Smurfette.
Too many nice movies recently. So,that's how our weekend.

Sushi as or lunch. My daughters' favourite.
This lil girl askher father to have a selfie with her.

How sweet of them.

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