Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 4 Happy Meal Toy

Finally the last Happy Meal Toy.

It is My Melody Dial Calendar. 
I put it on my office table.
And finally again,I can stop eating fast food.
Not really fast food eater now since I start leading a healthy life.

Last last weekend,went back to Kuantan.
Purpose? SHOPPING! Of course..And also to visit my parents.
Purposely went to Popular Bookstore to grab these:

Hello Kitty Signo Uni pens.
7 different designs to choose from. Black,blue & red ink.
All very cute. So,I bought all the designs.
There is 30% discount for Popular member.
Actual price is RM7.90.

I also went to Daiso to buy some daily household essentials.
Hello Kitty soap holder & toothbrush holder from Daiso Malaysia.

I'm so happy now!! Found le super comfortable furry slipper 
and it is my favourite colour, PINK! 
Had been searching high & low for furry slipper 
which must be in soft pink (that's me lol)
 Puma, Zara, Topshop all not to my liking...
Finally found at Paperplane outlet at East Coast Mall,Kuantan.
It is a shop selling Korean shoes. There is slippers & sport shoes.

East Coast Mall is so happening last last week.
GSC celebrating 30th birthday.

(I look more like my daughters' sister right? Hehehe....) 

This hairstyle makes me super young!! 
Is it? Really? I'm happy to hear that.
I'm 33 this year >.< Can't believe I'm already 33.

Looks like Korean lady? hahaha....My apparels look like Korean only.

Year Twenty Seventeen, Mr Hubby & me still jogging.
Keeping fit lead to a happier,healthier us ❤️
Most important, I can maintain my body shape and maybe slim a bit more?

I really hope I can slim down a bit,especially my tummy.
Therefore,when I get to know about this
bedtime detoxification & fat burn drinkfrom Curejoy app,
I try it immediately!! 

Blend all the ingredients written. Drink every night before going to bed.
✔️️ triggers body's detoxification process
✔️️ fires up metabolism 
✔️️ improves immunity
✔️️ help body absorb nutrients better
✔️️ promotes quick fat burn, ESPECIALLY belly fat!

Yes, burn fat especially belly fat. That's what I want the most.
So,just started this drink. If it really works,I will let you all know.

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