Friday, June 23, 2017

May 2017

Had been very very very busy recently that I don't even have 
the time to do my own favourite thing.
Heavy workload!

Till I forgot to upload this photo,and 
postponed till now only upload it >.<

Left: My MIL
Right: My Mom.

I had been an online seller for years,never register my online business.
Suddenly decide to register my online business so that
customer buying with ease.

What's happening for May? Birthday celebration for 2 colleagues.
1 is ex-colleague (the guy).

And I had bought the Laneige lip Mask to try it.
But,I had bought a set. This is the power of the salesgirl.

And this month also is our Hello Kitty crazy fans gathering.
This time gathering at Minimini Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall.
They have new menus,so we went to have a try :)

Made some of the nicest photos into a collage.
It was so happening this gathering as I didn't join the last gathering.

I received a lot of Hello Kitty gifts from my kitty friends.

All the Hello Kitty gifts and souvenirs I received that day!

Hello Kitty items from Indonesia from Kitty Ellianna.

Hello Kitty Wooden Figurine and some kitty sweets 
from Kitty Angel.

Hello Kitty socks from Kitty Lim (the youngest in our group)
I had wore this and super comfortable!

This time we had lucky draw organized by Kitty Ellianna.
Hello Kitty Softex from Indonesia hehe...
Guess which one I got...

Got the orange one :)
I'm fine with any designs as they are all 
Hello Kitty except there is 1 My Melody.
That one is cute too!!

This month had been a kittylicious month :P
I received a lot of Hello Kitty stuff and also bought quite a few.
Little gift from Kitty Ariel.
This gathering also count as farewell party for her.
She will be going to Australia. 

Hello Kitty die-cut postcard from Kitty Valerie.
Cute pen and a detox drink :)

Hello Kitty food pick set from someone in our group 
who doesn't want me to say out her name.
She quietly present me this. *Touched*
The Hello Kitty car perfume clip and sticker from Kitty Joyce.

Cute Hello Kitty Towel holder from Kitty Eva.

And my BFF Kitty Angel so sweet of her.
Sharing this Milky X Hello Kitty chocolate with us.

Do you all know that Sanrio Gift Gate at Sunway Pyramid
had closed down? They were doing some sales before closing down.
I had asked Kitty Joyce's help to grab this Hello Kitty plushie keychain.
Buy 1 free 1. Bought the My Melody,free the Hello Kitty
as the My Melody's price is higher.

Even though not original Hello Kitty, I don't care.
I need this hair dryer holder badly. And now my hair dryer has 
its own seat!

Ordered this Hello Kitty X Marilyn Monroe figurine.
Can use as mobile phone stand and also as a decoration on table.
Decided to put it on my office table.
Anyone interested may contact me. I'm doing 
pre-order for this :)

I also had asked a FB friend who went to Taiwan to help buy this Hello Kitty 
kitchen knife. Last time I only have Kitty fruit knife but now with this knife,
cutting vegetables will be fun.

May also is my youngest daughter's birthday month.
Birthday celebration at her kindergarten with her classmates.

 Oh Yes, I'm still using SK-II. Loyal me :)
Redemption late because the skin refining treatment out of stock.
Finally get my redemption.

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