Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Today's post is all about Hello Kitty.
My love towards Hello Kitty hasn't fade. 
I still like her very much.

This is not new book stopper. Recently found this 
when I tidied up. So,took it for good use.

I'm a happy lady!! Thanks to my best sister who bought me this.
I knew I said it before but I just need to repeat!
I REALLY have the BEST sis ever!!! 

Brother X Hello Kitty Personal Handheld Labeller.
Wanna buy this long time ago. And now,my sis bought it 
as my birthday present. Super early receive my birthday pressie.

It is very easy to use it.
It includes 1 normal white tape & another one Hello Kitty tape.

And now, I can label all my belongings. :)

She also bought me this Hello Kitty mini fan.

Kind of classic. Can't buy this anymore as it is few years ago production 
from Japan. Unless there is people letting go theirs, you can find it anymore.

The head can open and inside is the fan. 
Super cute!!! How I hope I can get 1 Hello Kitty 1 day
from my sister...Hahaha...

New Hello Kitty Bow Shape Wooden Shelf added
to my collections! Can use it to display special Hello Kitty figurines set 
just like as shown in above pic. 
Btw, I bring in a few of this shelf for sale. If you are interested, 
you know you always can contact me :)

I support my own online store. Took 2 of this Hello Kitty
hanging storage containers,1 for my bathroom & another one for 
the kitchen. I'm selling the hanging storage containers only, not other kitties you 
see in the pic :P 

Never missing Hello Kitty X Daiso stuff.
Just bought things I don't have yet like the Hello Kitty curtain tie backs.
Restock Hello Kitty plastic food bag clips as I have a few only.

All the way from Japan! Omg omg omg!!!
They are all so so so lovely till I don't wish to use them.
And good news! I'm selling the ladle,skimming ladle & spatula 
if you wish to have them too. Confirm nice & good quality.
Fast selling, now is the 2nd batch restocked. 
Do contact me if you want them,ready stock btw.

The main character not the Hello Kitty plushie.
It is the little pillow behind. Actually the pillow cover is
the mini ironing board cover. Since I no longer use the ironing board,
I think of modifying the cover to become my pillow cover.
This is the pillow I hug every night. I can't sleep without this pillow.
And grateful because Mummy helped my little dream comes true :) 

My Robot Kitty finally has accessories. Thanks to kitty Angel
for delivering safely to me. They were doing sales for these Robot Kitty accessories
at Singapore. With a Singapore friend's help,we were able to grab some.
Quite a lot out of stock. I wanna get the gold helmet actually. 
But too bad,sold out. Force to pick the silver instead.

Realised the wing is adjustable,can move up & down.
I'm easily satisfied, at least got some accessories on..:)

All the words in the photo best describe my father. 
My rock dad, my awesome dad, my super dad, my best dad! 
Father isn't perfect but he's always been a father who 
gives me a good glimpse of my Heavenly Father.

I'm blessed to have a father who takes good care of me when I'm a kid &
 2 fathers who takes best care of me after I get married.
Happy Papa's Day to my 2 awesome fathers ❤️

A great dad makes memories 
always puts his family first 
makes sacrifices 
is patient
always has the time for his kids
is a great teacher
loves his kids & their mother 
And not forgotten, 
Happy Papa's Day to Mr Hubby!

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