Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 2017

June was my 2nd daughter's birthday month.
We had brought her to McDonald's to celebrate 
with her friends.

June was also 1 of my colleague's son's birthday month.
This little guy is celebrating his 1st Birthday. 

We are colleagues and our daughters are best friend.
Coincidentally they are same age too ❤️ 
#throwback to Little Isaac's birthday party. 
The little boy boy so cute! Join them play together.
 And even give me a pose when I took photo. Coincidentally his mother is my fb friend.
So many coinsident haha :)

Happy as I can still maintain same weight as 3 years ago. Didn't expect 
to see this weight because it is always around 48-49kg. So, once I saw this weight,
must took photo of it :P

Not original Sanrio products, but I enjoy the process
of building micro-sized block. So,I must get the whole set especially 
they are Hello Kitty. After Raya,I will have a lot of free time 
doing my favourite thing.

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