Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shopaholic Mode On

Hi,readers.Or is there any readers for my blog? I'm not sure.
How have you been? I had been very free recently.
After Malay Raya, office workload had became normal,
that means I have quite a lot free time at office which I can even do my own favourite thing like blogging...

Recently this type of casing very famous. Have you seen before? The Disney version with Mickey, Minnie, Donald or Daisy at above the phone casing just like mine. Me, of course choosing Hello Kitty. This is the cute version of Hello Kitty.

Aiming this Adidas NMD R1 super long time ago. Finally I bought it from JD Sports
Heard a lot bad review about jdsport not delivering parcels to customers, customers being tax for their ordered items, their parcel get hold at custom. I brave myself to order with this site.

I believe every website or online shop have good and also bad reviews. Mistakes will happen. Everyone will make a mistake,right? No one is perfect without any mistake made. For me, if I didn't receive my parcel on time, I will try to contact the seller first before making any judgement. Let the seller has a chance to explain what's happening. When I didn't receive the shoes from jdsport, I contact them via their fb page. They do reply me providing me the tracking number for my parcel.
And then I received the parcel. They deliver the parcels all from UK, for your info. You can get nice branded sneakers with reasonable price. A lot new designs you can get which local shops in Malaysia are not selling. 

I like the white colour one but when I wanna buy it, it was out of stock. After waiting like forever and they didn't restock, I chose black instead. Besides, I think I shouldn't buy white anymore as I have a few sneakers in white colour too. Just after I ordered and payment successful, I try browse jdsport and there it is, white with my size. :( Anyway, I'm still very satisfied once I received my Adidas. Because it was really really damn cool.

Last Saturday went back to Kuantan. Visit my parents and to shop, that's the main purpose I'm going back to Kuantan :P Mr Hubby told me to window shopping only, but does he know his wife me cannot window shop only, must buy something.

My loots for that day. New clothes, new Pandora charm & new sunglasses.

Pandora Malaysia was having sale starting 21st July to month end. The first 3days, 21st-23rd, member not only entitle to 40% discount, but also another extra 10% discount. That's what 'seduce' me to walk in Pandora outlet. But, too sad!! Only selected charms can have discount price. And those charms not to my liking. I had chose this charm,"Glamour Trio" featuring a black dress, a red stiletto & a red lipstick. So me...:P 
Lastly got myself a new sunglasses and this time was from Charles & Keith.
Last time my sunglasses was from Anna Sui. That frame already out-dated, I think.
This time, chosen this mirror-type lens with pink frame. Mirror-type lens is good. People can't see you are looking at them. :) 

Coincidently last Sunday was my father's turn to preach. (My father is a deacon in church)
So, I had forced myself to wake up super early to church. Follow my parent's car to church. They went super early,around 8am and they were the 1st to be at church.

Because there isn't anyone at the church yet, actually there is 2 people arrived at that time. The guitarist for the church and another is a church member, but is okay, they didn't laugh at me selfie-ing myself haha!! 

My father is just so great. I like hearing his preaching. Easy to listen and understandable. And then got add some jokes in his preaching. That will make us not feeling sleepy haha!!

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