Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Holiday ♥

During last month Raya Holiday (Malay New Year),
we had went to Malacca again.
Went to walk walk & eat eat only.
Also not forgotten shopping :P

This panorama photo taken using my new Panasonic Lumix GF9.
Ah...I haven't share here about my new camera.
I wanna do a post all about it. Stay tuned :)

If you are in Malacca, you must drop by 
Jonker Street. Must okay! Even it is always crowded there.
A lot of stalls there selling many kinds of items from delicious food
to cute souvenirs with reasonable price, my opinion lah...

This time my daughters had a photo with the 'blue man'. 2 years ago
with the 'gold man'. My girls grew up a lot 

The reason why my youngest daughter not in the photo 2 years ago
was because she afraid of the man in gold. That time she was only 4 years old.
And now, actually she is still afraid but not so scare. Still can stand together for a photo.

We like to buy and wear same clothes in each trip.
This time,my dad suggested army shirt.
And everyone on the street was looking at us.
There is even 1 man showing thumbs up to us.
1 advantage is people were voluteering to help us take group photo. 
I always feel so blessed when I have open-minded, young in heart parents.
I really hope my sister can join us in our next trip :(  

First time at Malacca Premium Outlet.
Was waiting my parents buying shoes,so both of us 
have a pretty shot here haha...
Mr Hubby is the camera man.
Do we look like mother daughter or sister sister? :P

Photo of me. I'm acting like those 'fb famous people' taking OOTD shot.
Photo credit to Mr Hubby that I look tall in this photo haha!!
My mom said the top too short can see my fat tummy >.<

Must try!
✔️️Chicken Rice Ball
Recommended restaurant: Famosa Chicken Rice Ball is the shop name.
It is located at Jalan Munshi Abdullah. You can use Waze app to find it. I use Waze too.

✔️️Nyonya Cendol 
Nyonya Cendol super yummy.The taste not too sweet, just fine! 100%
Malacca sugar is super yummy!!

Stay for 1 night only at Malacca. 
After that,we went to Kuantan. Back to my parents' home.At least,Kuantan has shopping malls for me to window shopping :P Not like my town,a very small town. No shopping mall :(

Promise my little girl to bring her to beach. So we went to Teluk Cempedak.
Yes! All my photos now are taken using Panasonic Lumix GF9.
I'm not really a photography expert, but I like the photo outcome. Very clear and the colour very sharp.

Made a collage for the photos. First time selfie with my sis-in-law.
All very happy,in happy mood. I like holidays,who doesn't like actually haha..

 Again,panorama photo hehe...

Photo taken using Panasonic Lumix GF9. (Again, I repeat haha) No,I didn't receive any benefit from Panasonic. Back to this photo's story..No filter added only add quotes.
 Luckily this photo auto save after my camera's battery die. I thought I didn't manage to take such nice photo that has Mr Hubby & my little girl in it.

First time ever riding this type of bicycle.Super hilarious. 2 cycle in front & 2 behind to keep it moving. My brother & wife was riding single one, only 2 front cycle. Half hour ride is actually enough, after the ride,my legs super tired. We asked for discount and the boss agreed to give discount at first since he didn't have any customers yet that day. But then,he gave us 1 hour ride.
Second half hour we exchanged our ride. Mr Hubby & me tried the single one.

The price for the single one is RM25 half hour ride while for the 2 rows one is RM35 half hour if I'm not remember wrong. Not really memorized the price. Overall, I enjoyed most in this time trip. I don't know why,just feeling being together with my family is the happiest moment ever 

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