Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello cutie piesPhotobucketi am back...Photobucket
i am getting very okPhotobucketmeans no more tired,unwellPhotobucket
So,i want to updatePhotobucket my already became dusty blog today.
Sorry for keeping you all waiting.
So,that day went to the suppliers' for some new stocksPhotobucket for my beloved shop.
And surely there will be PhotobucketPhotobucket stuff too.
i got myself a few PhotobucketPhotobucket items.

PhotobucketPhotobucketbrick set.
It is actually a keychain.Which i had took out all the chains.
So,they are now like figurines.
Which i can keep them neatly nicely in my pink display rack.
Let's have a closer look of all of them.
All of them have their very special clothings.
And aren't they look unique with square edge body??
Their heads,hands and legs are all moveable.
You are now anxious and wish to have the whole PhotobucketPhotobucketbrick set just like me?
No problem.My Photobucket will be selling this.When the stocks arrive,
i will upload at bubbles ASAP
So,for those who haven't been to my blogshop before,do drop by there
and maybe there is 1 or 2 items that grab your attention.
The next action you need to take is Photobucket me your orderPhotobucket
Photobucket,tomorrow i will update again.

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