Wednesday, November 3, 2010

kitty container✿◕‿◕✿

Last Saturday,i just back to Kuantan for monthly check-up for my unborn Photobucket
Doctor said everything is in good condition.Well done,PhotobucketPhotobucket
And i had a greatPhotobucket Saturday & Sunday again.
Not only doing some realisticPhotobucketPhotobucketshopping,but also some onlinePhotobucket shopping.
Online shopping always make me happyPhotobucket
Imagine there is always some delivery reach you everyday.
There is a Photobucket for you from yourself everyday.
This is PhotobucketPhotobucket spice container.
i ordered from kittystore.
After such a long time i didn't make any orders online,
i miss this excited happy feeling when the PhotobucketPhotobucket arrive.
i didn't expect it is so tiny.
When i see the spice container for the very first time,
it is really so tiny,but still cutePhotobucket
i use it to put saltPhotobucket
And it is so nice of Melisa.She is the owner of kittystore.
She give me PhotobucketPhotobucket seaweed as a little Photobucket.But,i appreciated it PhotobucketPhotobucket
i like it so much that i am not going to eat it.If not,after eat,
it will gone...huhuPhotobucket
i also had ordered some stuff but haven't arrivePhotobucket
Some are pre-order items,so need to waitPhotobucket
But,once it arrives,i will share it here.

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