Saturday, November 13, 2010

luggage tag✿◕‿◕✿

PhotobucketPhotobucket i wake up late again even with the help of my new Photobucket alarm clock.
So,breakfast Photobucket lunch consume together Photobucket
i know this is not good for me Photobucket also my unborn Photobucket,Photobucket also my PhotobucketPhotobuckethubby Photobucket daughters
Photobucketi will try my best to change itPhotobucket
They waited for me to wake up.Photobucket then went out having our breakfastPhotobucketPhotobucketlunch.
And now,i am back at Photobucket typing words into my blog.
Today,i want to share a very useful and not expensive stuff Photobucket
It is a luggage tag,Photobucket luggage tag.
Which you can hang it like hanging keychain at your luggage bag when travellingPhotobucket
i like it in fully pink Photobucket also jibbitz included Photobucket
Therefore,i will put it in my pinky Photobucket luggage bag Photobucket 
 i can use it during my next trip to Singapore this November.
Whoa~Ya,PhotobucketPhotobucket am going to PhotobucketPhotobucketSingapore with PhotobucketPhotobuckethubby,my daughters Photobucket also my PhotobucketPhotobucketmummy.

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