Saturday, December 25, 2010


Early rise in the morningPhotobucketAnd also early Photobucket in the morning.
This is much healthier.Keep it up,suet yiPhotobucket
Christmas eve, everyone count down.CelebratePhotobucketPhotobucket
i count down at Photobucket with PhotobucketPhotobucketMr Hubby,of course.
My 2 precious princess already gone to sleep.
Everyone holiday on Christmas but not me.But again,when 
people need to work,i get the holiday.Hehe~ Photobucket

Let's us see what the fresh PhotobucketPhotobucket for today.
It is a PhotobucketPhotobucket full body handsfree.What a cute collection!
Everyone wish to have this right? i got this from my PhotobucketPhotobucket
Yup,i am selling them.Only the PhotobucketPhotobucket design.No other cartoon character 
available for the time being.

You need to pull 2 sides of the wires then only it will stretch out.
Suitable for all mp3 Photobucket some handphone models.

A cute bearbrick keychain.
Sometimes,when i look a bit longer at it,i felt it is weird Photobucket
A bear which has Photobucket attached on its head and looks like a PhotobucketPhotobucketkittyPhotobucket
Hahaha...~ What a jokePhotobucket

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