Tuesday, December 14, 2010

household essentials✿◕‿◕✿

Now i started to collect PhotobucketPhotobuckethousehold essentials slowly.1 by 1.
i already had mostly PhotobucketPhotobucketstuff ranging from PhotobucketcomputerPhotobucket accessories,PhotobuckethandphonePhotobucket accessories
and etc.So,now i want to save and spendPhotobucket in PhotobucketPhotobuckethousehold essentials.

This is PhotobucketPhotobucketclothes hanger which i bought during my holiday trip.
i had to keep it aside.Because we,Chinese can't do any hammering during pregnancyPhotobucketPhotobucket
As this will affect the unborn baby.Therefore have to wait till my babyPhotobucketPhotobucket is born.
Then only,Mr Hubby can do the hammering work...Tok Tok Tok...  Photobucket

While this is PhotobucketPhotobucketchopping board.....box.
i bought onlinePhotobucket from kittystore 
2 colours available,pink & red.

Surely i picked the pink one.This is the front view.
Cute kitty in chef white hat Photobucket

#PhotobucketThe back of the pink PhotobucketPhotobucketchopping board.
Cute in polkadot dot...Photobucket

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