Tuesday, December 21, 2010

welcome 2011✿◕‿◕✿

Lastly quite busy.Yesterday,just brought Jaychelle to eye specialist
because she is suspected got astigmatism.
And Mr Doctor said she need to wear spectaclesPhotobucket
Huhu...She is a little girl.Just 5 years old,but already need to wear spectacles.
Anyway,we have to accept the truth.The fact.

So,this is the last month of 2010.And soon we will enter Photobucket
To welcome the year Photobucket,i had bid a PhotobucketPhotobucket face planner schedule diary pink for Photobucket
Luckily,none bid at that very time.As the price it put was already very high.
i successfully bought it with RM110.WhoaPhotobucket~But worth it.

As usual,there is a sticker set included.
Let's us see the pages inside of the Photobucketface planner.





Gotta go~Photobucket

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