Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Firstly,i will share the very first item that i bought after we checked in Festive Hotel.
i bought this PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketperfume just near the hotel we stay.

Not that Malaysia do not sell this,don't worry.
You can get this perfume in Malaysia too.i once saw this perfume before in Mid Valley
but i didn't buy it that time.That was lucky!As buying in Singapore Sentosa,in one of the shops named
Luxury FashionPhotobucketif i am not wrong as the paper bag said soPhotobucket
you get a nice packaging Photobucket also some Photobucketfree giftPhotobucket included along with the perfume.
With a nice price too..Photobucket

i chose the baby perfume because the perfume is not so strong in smell.
i dislike very strong smell.This is soft enough for me.
PhotobucketATTN:i do not put on any perfume beforePhotobucketPhotobucket
So,the Photobucketfree giftsPhotobucket are a mirror:Photobucketbadge mirror,
Photobucket ribbon bracelet Photobucket a perfume towel.

According to the perfume bottlePhotobucket,it is made in France.
Far far awayPhotobucket

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