Thursday, January 27, 2011

pom pom time✿◕‿◕✿

It is Photobucketbathing timePhotobucketPhotobucketPom pom timePhotobucket
If you have all these during your bathing time,
of course you will truly enjoy Photobucket

PhotobucketPhotobucketporcelain toiletry setPhotobucket
There is a Photobucketshampoo dispenserPhotobucket , Photobuckettoothbrush holderPhotobucket , PhotobucketcupPhotobucket
Photobucket Photobucketsoap holderPhotobucket
i had a few PhotobucketPhotobuckettoiletry set but this is the set that i favour most.

The soap holder also has a Photobucketkitty and Photobucketrabbit miniature.
How cutePhotobucket

The image printed on the toothbrush holder and the cup is 
so cute too.PhotobucketPhotobucket is in bath towel with her best friend,Ms PhotobucketRabbit.

While thisPhotobucket,PhotobucketPhotobucket a shower sponge.
i am not the one who use shower sponge.

But,i had wanted to find this long time ago.As collection.
i like its die-cut shape.i like to collect anything PhotobucketPhotobuckethello kitties die-cut.
i bought this from an online shop along with a few itemsPhotobucketPhotobucket.i like the PhotobucketPhotobucketstuff they sell,
but not their delivery service.i had to wait almost a month 
for the items to deliver to me.i know it is pre-order.
That's the disadvantage of pre-order.Compare to my online shop,mine is
faster and more efficient Photobucket Don't you thinkPhotobucket
PhotobucketLet's bathPhotobucketPhotobucket

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