Saturday, January 8, 2011


i am so happy that i got to know a good Photobucketkittylicious friend.
She is Photobuckethello kittyPhotobucket fans too,same like me Photobucket
1 of my loyal customers.She often Photobucketshare with me whenever she 
sees any hello kitty.She is PhotobucketMomy DaxieraPhotobucket
Yester~yesterday,she told me about Watsons 
got Photobucket

PhotobucketPhotobucketbathtime gift set.
Costs RM44.90/set.
Actually the Photobucket shower gel that she saw is not what i bought Photobucket
i am going to Watsons again to search what she meant.Anyway,
i am happy too as i got another Photobucket stuff.
So,let's us see below PhotobucketPhotobucketpictures what is included in this set.

Photobucket floating soapPhotobucket

Photobucket shower gel Photobucket Photobucket lipbalmPhotobucket

Photobucket magic towelPhotobucket
This is a very special towel.
Which according to the instructions,put the mini towel in water
for a short time,then it will expands to become a beautiful Photobucket towel.
i am not sure it will expands to which towel size,as
i haven't try it.i thinkPhotobuckethmmPhotobucketi am not going to open it either Photobucket
So,hurry upPhotobucketGo grab yours tooPhotobucket
Waiting for your good newsPhotobucket

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