Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello Kitty Haul✿◕‿◕✿

Today,i find a bit of my time to share 
a story of one lady who is 1 of my regular customer.
She already married but still have close girlfriend relationship.
Isn't that very disgusting??
i am not intend to talk about her,but what she had done
that made me feel uneasy.
Because of some incident happened between me
and another seller,she who do not know any
of the story but make herself so busy judging me.
After we had make a deal and the problem solved,
i have no idea why she blocked me at facebook.
i actually had unfriend her first!! Who cares actually!
Who wants to know her story?Who is interested?
She thought she is pretty and famous?!! Haha...This kind of 
bisexual lady,better avoid her first.

Ok,stop talking about her.Let's continue my hello kitty haul
from this year Chinese New Year.

Got this Candy Dispenser from Daiso,
which is a shop selling Japan Imported items
at RM5 each. Reasonable price.
Hello Kitty clarinet with candy
also another item from Daiso.
After finish consume the candy,
you can play the clarinet.
Clarinet reminds me of my schooling time
music lesson.We will be asked by our music teacher
to choose 1 musical instrument.
Such happy memories!!
Hello Kitty mini coin pouch
which is my daughter's collection.
Bought at Parkson.
i like its colour which is so sweet!
Hello Kitty DIY multi-purpose box.
Got this from a kiosk selling Hello Kitty,My Melody and
Kuromi stuff in Sunway Pyramid.
So,i had used this box to put all my Iphone apparels
and also the tiny cute plugy.
This is the one i heart most.
Hello Kitty safe box.
Which a few kitty junkies also
interested to get one for themselves.
Also from the little kiosk.
Love this to the max too!!
And Hello Kitty wind chime.
Thinking to put this in my daughter's room,but
her room's window never open.
So,how am i going to hang there??
Can i hang it just at the door??

Okay,gotta go do my work.
Enjoy your Sunday!

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