Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Kittylicious Days(ミ・。・ミ)

Hi,all. How are you today?
im superly fine. Everyday is kitty day for me.
Today is Papa Day.
Wish all the papas in the world have a blissful papa day.
i wish 3 of the greatest man in my life a Happy Papa Day,
my dad,my pa-in-law and also my Mr Hubby. Hehe...

They really support me,even support my hobby in
collecting MORE Hello Kitty stuff.

Hello Kitty Premier Toilet Tissue Roll.
Available in every supermarket like The Store,Carrefour,Giant & etc.
Actually only the outside packaging is hello kitty.
The toilet tissue roll is the normal one,without any hello kitty print.

3D Hello Kitty card all the way from Taiwan.
My supplier went to Taiwan for his holiday
and bought this for me.

Hello Kitty pink polkadot face shape pillow.
i ordered 2 at first,for me & Mr Hubby.But Mr Hubby don't want.
Haha...Of course he does not willing to use it.So,the other one
i took it out for sale. This pillow is available for pre-order at my online shop.
As the only one ready stock already sold out.

Hello Kitty die-cut paper clips in various colours.
i like all my stationery in hello kitty.
Cheer up my work!

Hello Kitty earcap/plugy.
Unfortunately,i lost the Kitty Lady Liberty.
i don't know where i drop it..:(
The Lady Liberty i got it from my supplier in case you 
are interested from where can get it.
While the other left side,i bought it at a local gift shop 
near my living area.

Gotta go take my noon nap.

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