Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bling Chouette iphone Theme(ミ・。・ミ)

im back.And just to share my new iphone theme.
Do you know the Chouette X Hello Kitty LED watch?
Oh my gosh!! i love that watch to the max,The hot pink colour.
So,it is in my wishlist too.Am wondering when Mr Hubby will be able to 
realize my this wishlist?? Haha...hope he will read this.
But,he doesn't know English...>.<''' i should have write in Chinese,
but again,i don't know Chinese.i study English school,for your information.
It's okay then. Let's have a look.

The lockscreen...This is the watch that i mean.
i will use this theme and the lockscreen of the Chouette watch
to fulfil me now that i do not own this watch.
So,you will need to download Slider Pro Settings from Cydia
that enable you to hide the lockscreen clock easily without the need to respring
and also to easily on the lockscreen clock back.




Ok,the site to download this cute theme.
It is an open site.But,restrict that we cannot send or share to others.
So,im not going to share or send you by emails.So,please don't ask.
For all my themes creation,you can download from my iphone blog,

This theme is from a Chinese website.
but don't ask me how to register or how to download the theme.
You need to understand Chinese or you can view in google chrome
as it got translator. Last advice from me,you need to explore yourself
and you will learn from it =)
As you can see,i also do not know Chinese myself,
but i manage to download the theme.


Roni Ben Simon said...

How I can you did theme from Internet ? What the name theme??

Roni Ben Simon said...

Find *

janejoye said...

Oh..i found the theme.. but i guess im not qualified to download the theme.. so saddddd....

Dunno when i will reach the 权限20 to dl it.. =(


Stefanyarmas said...

Ill trying to finf this theme in the but ididnt find ot can u help me please ??:)

Stefanyarmas said...

Where u find it janejoyE???

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@janejoye, can u email me? Something to tell u there.

Stefanyarmas said...

Mrs kitty can u help me ? I want to know the name of the theme ???

fabian eichelberger said...

i found this on ifansland but its way too confusing and i tried contacting someone to possibly pay for it not to mention i have searched on joyiphone for 2 days for this, do you have any more suggestions? Anything is appreciated!!!

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