Monday, November 26, 2012


Waking up this morning afternoon,
i feel so contented with my life now.
You know why? Yes,im not as rich as those
Mrs driving a BMW or Benz.
i don't always travel by airplane
or eat abalone & shark fins,
but i have a very love me Mr Hubby,
a very good & caring parents-in-law,also family-in-laws,
the world best parents & brother sister,
and also nice friends around me.
More to say,but keep it short.
i get almost what i wish for,just named it to Mr Hubby.
He will try his best to fulfil my wishes..
That's what a woman wish for..A woman success isn't in
how high she can climb in career tree,but how blissful 
her married life. im not saying this because of i don't have my own career.
i,once, was a medical student and got scholarships to further 
study to other country.But,i chose love.
i got married with Mr Hubby,and so stop my study.
Never regret till now,this moment.

Okay,let's talk about yummylicious!
i super like this durian snow from Tong Pak Fu dessert shop.
Everytime i went there,sure will order this.Mr Hubby too! 

The first time i step into Starbucks.Yes,im telling the truth.
Everyone had been there XX times,but me..the first time.
im not a coffee or latte lover..but everyone has her/his first time.
Trying something new & relaxing there with Mr Hubby.

All about food & drink this post.
Yester-yesterday,had my dinner at Taiwan Little Kitchen
in Kuantan Pahang. i ordered this fried rice with fish chop.
The rice is super delicious!!! OMG!! i gain weight!
Few days living in my parents' home,im eating a lot
& sleeping a lot.That's my job..><
& not forget,shopping a lot..Haha..
Taken in East Coast Mall~ Disney Fair.
Certainly grab Minnie apparels for my Baby J.
She is now almost 18 months old.
Super active & naughty lil girl.
That's my mom with her.
My mom looks young,isn't it?? 
Already a grandmom 

Till here,friends! Thanks for dropping by & reading my story.
Have a sweet good night!

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