Saturday, November 24, 2012


Busy school holiday-ing now!
After back from Penang,lazying around my own house.
Online shopping & did some window shopping
is my current job.
(im not showing off,what to show off??!
Some peope even lead a richer life than me)
Just sharing my current life with you all xD
Result? Overspent!
Mr Hubby grounded me for about 2 weeks,
So,let's have a look some of the items i bought.
New Hello Kitty car seats cover set for my lil car.
Now is better,pink polkadot,my fave!
This car seats cover set is pre-order.
You can buy from my online shop:
Search KittyYi SweetSweetshop in facebook.
Or click here,

Hello Kitty Face Shape USB Charger,
which i wish to buy long time ago..
But guess what?? No need buy it.
My sister bought for me...
Miss my sister very much.
She had went to Johor to work.

Wentto my bro-in-law's(Mr Hubby's bro) wholesale shop,
& back with 2 cute iphone casing.
Hello Kitty Moustache~~

She is called Momo,from Korea.
She had been added to my big family of iphone cases.
You know,shhh!!! Don't let Mr Hubby knows about this.
It is a secret. There is another 3 more cases will 
reach me...>.<
1 of it is this:
Barbie iphone case.
And a big bow plugy.
Aww....super cute right?
Wait till you see the bow on my baby iphone.
For your info,the big bow,you can get it from Strapya World.
Price is a bit expensive for a plugy.
It costs me RM50-60.
(Forgot the exact price)
While the Barbie iphone case,
i ordered it from my supplier.
It is around RM180 if im not wrong.
If you wish to buy it,you can contact me.

See!! So big the bow..And it is pink polkadot.
That's my favourite!
Too kawaii,right? Hehehe...
Now,i can shopping back.
My grounded time had passed..Hehehe*wicked laugh*

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