Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Hairstyle(ミ・。・ミ)

Hello.Busy busy me.
Not with work..but with my kids.Haha...
And also just after perming back my hair.
i still prefer curly hair.
Don't you think so? Let's have a look.

What do ya think?
Welcoming November with new hairstyle!
Looks totally different with & without hair clip.
1 of my facebook friend said like twins! @.@
i prefer with hair clip on,but Mr Hubby likes me without hair clip.
He said lady taste~ Aww...
im wearing something like fluffy skirt.
(photo taken when there is wind)
That's why you see the skirt like so big size...>.<

Daychelle(my elder daughter) had been selected by her 
teacher to perform in a dancing show for 
her school Year 6 Graduation Night.
Is she cute? Hehehe...

My Baby Justina first passport.
Yesss,we decided to go holidayyyyyy...
To?? Will reveal soon~
Both her sisters already had passport.
Which hadn't expired.Lucky,if not need to make again..
$$ more out...Haha...

Goodness,Baby J is crying.
i think Mr Hubby can't handle her.
i need to go.Bye!

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