Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Just a short post for tonight.
Yesterday,my online best friend,
MummyHaza shared about this in her instagram.
i got to know from her that Giant Hypermarket,
yes,Malaysian should very well know this big supermarket.
Giant had this(refer below picture) for sale.
This is mine.Go get yours!!
Hello Kitty Cherry Handwash(the right side)
& Raspberry Shower Gel(the left side)
For your information,only these 2 designs available.
But,if you happen to see any different designs at the Giant
near to you,do let me know! As,my friend also bought these 2.
The 3D hello kitty liquid dispenser is super cute,isn't it??
The selling price for it is RM12.99
(if im not mistaken)
While for the other is RM9.99
im not really good in remembering price
even though just bought them this morning.
im not sure whether all Giant hypermarket have this.
But,try your luck,go to the nearest Giant...=)
Good Luck all!!


Xiao Xiao bei said...

I bought the handwash kitty in Cold storage, cost me 14.90MYR :')

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

Xiao Xiao bei,just RM2 difference...=)

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