Sunday, December 2, 2012


So,this is the last month of every year.
Also 1 of my favourite month because
of Christmas. Yess!!! i like Christmas..
like receiving pressie season. Hehe...
Bought some kitty X'mas Christmas card for a few besties,
and also DIY kit..And hair adornments for my daughters.
Gonna do the DIY christmas kit soon.
Sure will upload the picha here =)

Among variety designs of MiNi watches,i chose this.
Pink & purple combination...purrrfect!
So,bought another extra for sale.
But now already sold to an online friend.
Heart the miniature heels,purse,watch & the dress.
So girly~

How cute or is it scary when he sits on your iphone?? LoL...
Bought this plugy at a local shop selling mobile phone accessories 
in East Coast Mall,Kuantan. 
But,not like my style,isn't it?? Anyway,i like him..Hehehe...

This is the result when daddy plays with Justina.
Mr Hubby likes to use cloth diapers to wrap baby J
like those Arabian people...>.<'''

i had quite a lot new hello kitty stuff but not yet 
snap photo of it,& edit it..So,maybe tomorrow will try share it here.
Now,i wanna go take my lunch first..See you then!


eDa cUmiL said...

Hello :) May i know where did you bought the MiNi watch? Its beautiful.

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@eDa cUmiL,i bought it from supplier. RM100. Pre-order.

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