Saturday, April 6, 2013

im everyone's loves,maybe?!(ミ・。・ミ)

Sorry for the long overdue lost-of-myself.
Had been thinking to update new post here a few days ago.
But,laziness surrounded myself..Haha..!
A bad news to inform here.
Still remember this ring? Yes,it is this ring that i lost.
But,i feel better today because Mr Hubby comforted me
will buy a new one for me.. Who don't love DIAMOND?
Every girls love,isn't it? He had promised to gift another 1
which is bigger to this,of course...Hahaha...*big smile again*

Another important person in my life who loves me too.
My dad. He bought this 2 ukulele for my daughters.
My elder daughter & my favourite,hello kitty
while Doraemon is my 2nd daughter's favourite.
This is very very rare ukulele. Mostly of my friends who saw this,
said my dad s so great to get to find these...hehe..

i get another surprise gift from an online friend.
She is Monice whom i met and know from Instagram.
She had bought me souvenirs from Korea.
HelloKitty nail art stickers & Olive Water Drop Essence Hand Cream.
With a note attached on how she appreciate the FREE iphone themes
 that i made & share to her.
i totally appreciate the gifts,not because of the value,but because of the sincerity
people showed to us...=)
Thank You so much dear!! 

Long long time that i hadn't ordered from Singapore.
This HelloKitty Takara Tomy figurine car bought from
a Singaporean, Shan HK. (Her facebook account)
You may add her for special & rare hello kitty stuff from overseas.
How i wish i have the same car,the real car in reality.

Hello Kitty false eyelashes die-cut case from Japan.
Another friend of mine helped me bought this and there is another extra actually.
But,few minutes after i upload the pic to my Instagram,it is SOLD.
So,left mine only which im not going to sell..Sorry,loves!
It can be hang on our handbag. Now my falsies eyelashes are safe.

My latest purchase which i super heart!
Lacey polkadot pink clothes for my pinky laptop.
With HelloKitty ears of course,& also a pastel pink bow.
How cute! Don't you think so?
So,i got this myself from supplier.
i didn't upload the pic to my sweet shop in facebook
because i think,too pricey for just something like a hairband surrounding 
the laptop or monitor if you want.
If price not really what you matter most,you can surely 
contact me for further details.i can pre-order for you.
i just pre-ordered a few extras for my facebook friends who
already made payment and waiting for theirs to arrive..=)

Updates of the latest pic of my 3 loves:


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