Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Last Friday i had went back to Kuantan,
my parents' home. The purpose back as always the same.
Visiting my parents,of course. And also to have massive shopping trip!
Bought all these from Sasa,Malaysia.
Yes,Sasa has hellokitty stuff too! Go grab yours before they are sold out.
My mom had helped me to buy them when they first reached the Sasa branch in Kuantan.
There is the big shower gel,hand lotion,lipbalm and lollipop lip gloss.
The 3-in-1 is lipbalm set which included a free handphone charm as well.

So,when you spend over RM80,RM150,RM300 or RM500,
you can get special gift from Sasa.
i restocked my daily vitamins! CellLabs Sheep Placenta(60+60pills)
which is in promotion price,RM449.
And bought a few hello kitty stuff,so im entitled to get the Methode Swiss eye cream
for FREE!! That is super worth to spend in Sasa...haha!!

Cellumination Deep Surge EX & Facial Treatment Repair C which i got from
SK-II yearly points redemption. Now you know why im looking young! wahaha...

i also bought some apparels and high heels(again) from Padini & Vincci.

My naughty bun,Baby J. Soon in her age 2.
So,a lot asked what app im using to edit this pic?
Is it a computer photo editor like photoshop or iphone app?p
This is superimpose from AppStore.
This is an iphone app.
Search superimpose. Yes you gonna buy it.
You can add image to any pic you want.
Like,any cartoon image you googled in site,save it to camera roll
and then open superimpose and cut out(mask an image) to your pic.
That's how i make the kitty image in every of my pic..=)
Superimpose is really a good app i highly suggested to you all.

Haha...i took a lil bit time in Mr Hubby's brother wholesale shop to update 
my blog now..And now is time for me to go fetch my daughters back from school.
See you next post!


Jasmine Sim said...

Hi, love the cupcakes lotion and lip balm! Where did you get them from?

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Jasmine Sim, Sasa Malaysia,my dear :)

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