Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Sweet Pink Laptop Theme(ミ・。・ミ)

Today im gonna share about my laptop theme.
i got asked from a lot how i install this and that to my pinky laptop.
Ok,my laptop is running Windows 7 currently,so the stuff i download 
suitable for Windows 7. Others Windows version,im not sure whether it will work.
But...you can have a try. No worries!

A video i record about my laptop homescreen.
The wallpaper is actually an iphone wallpaper custom made by 
my friend, Gabbell for me. Go follow her instagram: gabbell.
She is also an iphone themer. 
i edit the wallpaper to suit for laptop size.

All the stuff inside my laptop are downloaded 
from deviantart. Ok,so,i know the next question will be,
'can you share the link?' You all can't find it. im sharing the link here lol.

So,the clock widget(animated) located at the top left side,
i get it from here
The next question you will ask is:'How can you understand the language?'
i use google translate. 
To use this,you need to download and install rainmeter first to your laptop.

For the moving text located below,with a bear moving its head,
download here.
This need Xwidget installed to your laptop for it to works.
Therefore,next time,any Xwidget you find can straight use after you extract the zip file.

For the cute girl shortcuts,where the shortcuts can hide by clicking the girl,
download here.
Also use with Xwidget.

Finally my laptop icons set can also be found in deviantart.
Sorry i don't have link here because i had downloaded them a few months back.
And i didn't keep the link. But, if you dilligent like me,
searching patiently in deviantart,surely you will find them =)

im using Plump Pink IconPackager which you can get it here.
You will need to install IconPackager first to get this working.
Google search will do.
Good Luck and be more dilligent!


Maho said...

Wow, your blog design is really unique and sooo PINK :)
I've never seen that before that you can install another theme on Windows7 but thanks for sharing it!

♥ Maho

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Maho,thanks for dropping by! Hehe

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