Sunday, August 25, 2013

HelloKitty Playground(ミ・。・ミ)

Received this ealier this week and now only posted here in my blog. Few days ago already posted in my Instagram. This is Hello Kitty Playground set all the way from Taiwan.

A Taiwan product. Besides Japan, Taiwan always has the best quality of Hello Kitty figurine! So,this set total has 11pcs of kitty figurine.

Each box contains (1) a hello kitty figurine , (2) a rubber type sheet as the ground and (3) a small paper with Chinese words. i think some description about this set.

The back of the box has the pic of the playground that will be formed by the owner..hehe!! Fun part is each of the rubber piece ground is like jigsaw part,which is like you are playing jigsaw puzzle. Fun activity!

Let's have a look at each of the figurine. i had took photo of each figurine so you can have a clearer view.

This is the one i like most. Hello Kitty with a bow trolley and balloons. Omg! So cute!!

After the process of forming the Hello Kitty playground. Here's the final result.

And if you notice,the playground is a hello kitty head shape. How i wish there is a playground just like this in Malaysia. Or is there any in Japan? Maybe there is one in Japan. i don't know,never been there before. Hope i can go to Japan for once in my life time.

You all must be wondering where i got this set. From my Singaporean friend, Shan. She got it from Taiwan. You can add her Facebook account,Shan HK. im not sure she still have extra for this set,but you can try ask her.:)

That's all for today. Mr Hubby is waiting for me for 

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