Thursday, August 1, 2013

Online Present(ミ・。・ミ)

im surprised to happen to receive this morning parcel. From the parcel,i notice it is from Singapore. Verena Lee,a Singaporean friend whom i got to know from Instagram. Her Instagram username is @verenaruixin

She is so sweet(btw,all my friends are sweet & kind,i don't make friend with bad,mean girl,haha) to have handmade the pink roses for me. There is 4 altogether but only 2 inside the photo taken as my youngest daughter had grabbed the other 2 roses and doesn't allow me to take it back from her. She super likes the roses,that's what i can see as she still playing with the roses now!

Verena also blinged the 3D Hello Kitty iPhone cover for me.It is super kawaii and i heart bling bling thing too! She knows me well,haha!!Also a few Hello Kitty iPhone cover for me. Im such an!

From Internet,I got to know a lot online friends who share the same interest as me,who kindly share me details and info about Hello Kitty,helping me to get Hello Kitty stuff from their country and also sometimes sending their love of gift for me. Im feeling quite blessed..hihihi..

New Hello Kitty wooden storage box. Bought from a Facebook seller: Kilara HK. Bought this quite long time ago,so the price totally had forgotten,forgive me!

Put this in my Hello Kitty living room located at the 2nd floor in my home. Oh...the re-decorating works there had stopped due to im lazy and not feeling well few days ago. And holiday coming soon,will need to postpone the works because im gonna enjoy the coming holiday with my parents,my children & of course Mr Hubby to Legoland and Hello Kitty Town,wheeeeeeeeee!! Finally can plan the trip to there..How about you? How you spend your holiday? Hehe...

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