Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome Blythe!(ミ・。・ミ)

As promised in my previous post,
wanna blogged about my new Blythe doll.
She is Takara Tomy 
Blythe doll Simply Guava + Dachshund Dog.
The cheapest one,actually..hehe!
Not that i can't afford to get one not labelled as the cheapest one,but not willing to use that amount just to buy a doll! So,i had chosen one that had the pink hair,my fave colour...xD

i named her Cindy 心仪.
Cindy's birthday is on every 12the October,which is the day i bought her back with me. Cindy means light. She tends to have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others. She tends to be leaders rather than followers,with powerful personalities.
Bought pink curly wig for Annabelle.
She looks so kawaii now,agree?
Agreed! ♥

i had googled for ways to make sleep eyes for Blythe doll. Quite a lot of Blythe collectors give tutorial about how to make close eyes for Blythe doll.

My first try was on Annabelle.
She is not a Blythe,she's a Jecci Five doll,
but same,still works perfectly!
And now,she can sleep..Haha!!

Cindy too!
i also coloured their eyelids myself.
Annabelle's eyelids,soft pink while Cindy,hot pink to match her hair.
Realised Cindy's lip colour is too light.
Mr Hubby said always looks like she is in sick mood,therefore i dare myself to colour her lips too.
She looks greater now!
Sweet in pink colour.i quite satisfied with my own work..Haha!!

Both of them are spending a lot recently. With those new clothes,new shoes,new handbags & etc...Need to count how much they had spent. So,stand by calculator,pen & notebook. 
Fyi,that's my Hello Kitty re-ment collections. Fits perfectly for my dolls to play..
(im such a big kid,lol)

Last Friday,i went back to Kuantan.
Brought the dolls too..hehe!!
Here's my comic 2nd issue featuring Annabelle & Cindy.
Title: Short trip to Kuantan.
Mad in love with their floral luggage!
i also want the same floral luggage for myself...T.T

Oops! Oh,ya. Here's the 1st issue of my comic. Recently,photo comic are so popular.
i had made mine too,hehe..The 1st issue featuring Baby J.
Title: Eating Cupcake on Bike.

*If you wanna make your own version comic,you can download halftone from Appstore for the comic bubble message =)

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