Tuesday, October 22, 2013

World of Friendship(ミ・。・ミ)

2 weeks of no updating my blog. Well,my birthday just passed(it is on the 15th) & got surprise gifts from online friends.
Friends i never met in real person,friends i known through Instagram & Facebook.
Yeah...you can find quite a few sincere friends from social network..xD

Here's the lovely  kitty gift from my BFF,
Hello Kitty 1st ever comic titled
"Here we go". You can buy this comic at Kinokuniya. (Meijoyce told me,hehe)
The most excited point about this comic is inside the comic,no words,talk & speeches.
Reason? Because Hello Kitty has no mouth,lol...

Hello Kitty decorush also from my sweet friend. She knows me well. Am actually searching for these..which can only bought from Japan. 2pieces from her! i like it!!

And also McD Chicken McNuggets food magnet,haha... So real & cute ♥

The 2nd gift i received is from Crystal.
It is Tamagotchi's covers.
Actually,she had told me earlier that she wanna gifts me Tamagotchi P's cover and had asked me to choose which i like.

i had chose a creamy yellow big ears plushie cover & another is pink crochet with laces at the side. They are super adorable when put them on my Tamagotchi...♡
She also DIY a bling My Melody charm which is sticked on a box. Im using the box now to keep all my Tamagotchi's decor pierces. Hehehe...

Received also a lovely Korea birthday card from Vivian babe,whom i got to know from Instagram,the iPhone jailbreak community.
She is also 1 of the iPhone themer from Singapore. A sweet kind girl. She had also gifted me a Hello Kitty ring in gold colour,so sophisticated ♪♬♩

Thanks to all of you for the super lovely gifts,& also to all who wish me.

Ah...and also here are some of the photos of my birthday celebration at Secret Recipe.
Surprise!! Annabelle is the one with pink hair. i bought her the pink wig. Looks kawaii on her! So,who's the one with long brown hair??

Enjoying their kitty brunch ♥

Annabelle is soooo like me. Snapping pic of the their food!

Isn't she lovely? i will blog about her in my next post. My new Blythe doll ♥
Stay tuned ♡

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