Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween(ミ・。・ミ)

Before the month of October
(my birthday month) end,
gonna force myself to be diligent in updating this post & also next post of my Hello Kitty purchases! Seems like im not buying any new Hello Kitty stuff..No way,im still buying them. If you are my Instagram followers, you will know..hehe..

Today is Halloween. Not really celebrating this festival due to not very popular at here,my living "small town". But i enjoy friends from worldwide posting pics of Halloween ghost make-up. Nice!!
Halloween gift from Mr Hubby! Haha...some of my friends said i get gift too for Halloween day?!! 

Actually,not really a gift from him. 
He is my financial support,so whatever i get also from him. Therefore,can called as gift right? Hehe...then,seems like everyday im getting present ♥

A Halloween comic version of me.
Recently this app called 魔漫相机 very very popular. It conquered the whole Facebook news feed. You can download this app from AppStore for IOS users or Playstore for android users.
For those of you who doesn't know Chinese,can straight copy this: 魔漫相机 and paste to AppStore/Playstore.

i have a weird thinking. i think i look prettier in comic than in photo...@.@ Lol

Mr Hubby spoiled me again!
My daily facial Vitamin SK-II haha!!
Bought this last week when i went back to Kuantan,my parents'home.

Ok,let me split the items inside the above pic to a few pics.So,you won't feel confuse which i bought & which is FOC from SK-II ♥
i bought the festive aura set which consists:

 ~SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 215ml
    ~SK-II Cellumination Essence EX 50g
~SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX 50g  ~SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask 1pc 
And got a SK-II box free. Can use it to keep my accessories..hehe!!

Because this aura set only RM1288 & not yet reach RM2k(if i purchase RM2k & above,i can get a SK-II Stempower Rich Cream 50g,that's actual size which selling price is RM519 for FREE!!), & also some of my SK-II products near empty bar,so, i restocked now.
What products near empty bar? 
~Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 120g
~Whitening Source Clear Lotion 150ml 
~Whitening Source DermDefinition UV Lotion 30g
So,bought these too but also owe RM85 to RM2k. Then the salesgirl suggested to take Facial Treatment Mask 2pcs which is RM50 for 1pc. Yippee!!
Guess what? Bought during my birthday month,i got double points for SK-II member card. And also 5x bonuslink point & double Parkson voucher. So many benefit,right? Hehe..i got RM330 Parkson voucher which already used to buy my 3 daughters' clothes. Told you,they are blessed than me as they wear a hundred ringgit dress whereas mine not even reach hundred for 1 dress...>…<

So,i got the Stempower Rich Cream 50g for free because i purchase over RM2k.
And good news,i got also the Skin Refining Treatment for free too! The actual price for this is RM428 & now is FREE!!
Also the LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream for me which i can get for my birthday month from the voucher book.  

What's more!! Also 5pcs travel set size for free!! And also the kind pretty salesgirl giving me some free sample ♥

All these can last me for 1 year ++.

Not to forget about this.
SK-II Swarovski Crystal necklace & earrings set free for me,hehehe..

Therefore,after this,now starting to eat Maggie mee and bread everyday...haha!!
Just joking.

Restocked this too!!
My daily intake of CellLabs Sheep Placenta.
Now you know the reason i look young! Haha...
Yes,im a regular user of SK-II & sheep placenta. Had been consuming sheep placenta for 2 years plus. Not only it makes my skin smoother & fairer,it also makes my body healthier,not to mention about younger looking face...hehe xD

Super love this comic version of us ♥
Our journey to everlasting love.
Whenever im tired to walk,
Mr Hubby will carry me on back..
We had been together for 10 years(never apart before) & still counting our days together now ♥

To end today's long post with a pic of me wishing you all Happy Halloween & also Happy Deepavali day to all Indians..
Hope you have a great weekend!
*fyi,im wearing the Japanese Harajuku Style Tattoo Tights which i had ready stock for sale. You may LINE/Wechat(mrskittyyi) me if you interested to buy.

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