Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hello Kittyssssss(ミ・。・ミ)

i know y'all had been waiting for my post about hello kitty stuff. As this is a hello kitty blog,all these years i had been blogging about my hello kitty collections,suddenly the previous few posts all about other stuff not the Kitty-chan, you must think my love direction had changed. Ehem...

Super in love with this Korea imported Hello Kitty multi-purpose toothbrushes or toothpaste holder. Looks cute in my bathroom right? Hehehe...
Question: where to get this? From me. im selling this & good news! It is ready stock.
You may LINE/wechat(mrskittyyi) me to buy this..=)

The best buy & worth it!
Hello Kitty extension cord.
Not only in pink,but also with a Hello Kitty head. OMG!! How can i resist such cutie?!!

4 outlets surge,2M wire.
And love point for the wire as it is in pink.
Fully pink except the kitty head.

So,i will use this in 
my-still-under-construction 2nd floor living room. Remember i told before,Mr Hubby suggested to put all my hello kitty collections in our home 2nd floor living room. still kittyfied it...@.@
Will surely upload photos here once it is done..:)

My lovely online kitty friend, Xue Ting had helped me to buy all these. Yes you can get these from Giant,Cold Storage or Guardian. i knew that,just that my living area doesn't have Cold Storage or Giant. And Guardian branch here doesn't have this for sale.

That's why i had asked her help to buy for me ♥

Bourbon Hello Kitty butter cookies. im not a cookies lover,hate eating cookies except butter cookies. And it is Hello Kitty,must not miss this hehehe...
All my favourite ♥

Nice cookies tin can use to keep things..

Hello Kitty plastic container with fruit juice gummy candies
and head shape plastic container. 
Yummy ♡

Another great deal! 
Kuantan East Coast Mall has a new shop just opened,selling Hello Kitty,Doraemon & Disney items. The same boss of Anakku shop beside it. Bought this 2014 Hello Kitty desk calendar from the shop. i have a habit of putting a desk calendar by my bedside table and jot down my daily happenings every night..=)

i only bought this because the shop selling quite a lot baby & kids apparels.Not suitable for me. Haha...and by the way,the price damn expensive. i can buy the same item cheaper from online Japan site.

But this calendar selling in cheap cheap price. Only RM19.90 if i remember the price correct. 

Cheap right? As the calendar also got free stickers!! This type of calendar normally costs around RM30-RM50...

Last photo for you to enjoy,hehe!!
Hello Kitty Casual Time figurine set.
In my wishlist too and now it is checked..

Good Night ♥

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