Saturday, November 2, 2013

Made in Japan(ミ・。・ミ)

5 days of holidays,but didn't plan going vacation because Mr Hubby can't accompany us..=( He had some urgent business works to handle. But,don't worry. He didn't go outstation,still in town with me. Just that,he couldn't leave his works & go vacation with us. Maybe a short trip like 1 day to KL for some shipping spree?? Hehehe...

Now,i often blog using my Samsung Note 2. Like its Google Chrome which can request desktop site,& it is exactly like using a computer to write post in blogger. im quite stubborn,i admit. im already used to the way of blogging using my laptop. Therefore,i super like to blog from my mobile phone the way i used to use..
Now you know the reason why my blog recently is up-to-date with my news.

Besides,after i 'retired' from working my gift shop,im now feeling bored sometimes. Everyday,after wake up,breakfast with Mr Hubby & he will go handle his business while i back to home or sometimes,go to his brother's wholesale shop,have a chat with his brother's wife. Then,went to fetch my daughters back from school,lunch time & then fetching them to tuition classes. After they finish their tuition,already 6pm and back home again. Mr Hubby comes back rest a while and normally 7pm,having dinner with my in-laws. Everyday im doing this the same..

When im at home,i have nothing to do. House chores already had part-time maid hired by Mr Hubby to do. So,i still carry on with my online selling of hello kitty products. i can buy hello kitty for myself & also sell to others. Hehehe...i have free time to search for cute hello kitty stuff,to read some book or do my favourite things,like blogging ♥ Oops!! Out of topic..

All the way from Japan.
Let me introduce. This is Hello Kitty TsumuTsumu Figurine set.

You can stack this lil figurine.
So,lets try TsumuTsumu challenge.

Ok,challenge 1 pass!
Actually i can't believe this figurine really stackable until i stack them myself.

Challenge 2 can count as pass? Hehe..
The little apples also stackable,so cute!!

Challenge 3 failed!
Refer to the box pic,i can't stack the 4th figurine. Tried a few times also failed.
But it is fun to play. Can try again next time.

Yesterday was Hello Kitty birthday. i had bitstripped myself & Hello Kitty using Bitstrips app & superimpose to paste 
Hello Kitty in it.
That's me! Haha...xD 

Still remember this Chinese app 魔漫相机 i recommended in previous post?
i had made 3 of my lovely daughters into comic version.
Can you guess which one is my elder,my second & my youngest daughter?
Can guess the one got a pink crown is my youngest daughter,Justina because of her plump face..hehehe!!
But the other 2 quite hard to differentiate them. Both looks like twins! The one below with a bow is my elder daughter,Daychelle.
Jaychelle is the one with bunny ear.

*fyi,above collage frame are made by photonia app from AppStore♡

Last one to end my post today.
Am i hot mama?? Hehehe...

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