Friday, November 22, 2013


im super boring. Almost every of my Facebook friends had went travelling during this school holidays. i want travel! But not enough $$. Blame me for overspent every month. Actually this isn't the main point i can't go travel now. Mr Hubby had some business matter to handle at the moment which not allow him to accompany us...haiz...:(

Never mind,im easily cheer up. Some new cuties that able to brighten me.
Little Twin Stars Unicorn Pen ♥
Super cutie,isn't it?? 
Actually i got sell this but really fast sold out. And checked with supplier,out of stock too! Too sad because a lot of my friends interested to get this too. i feel sorry too..

Finally i really bought this Hello Kitty Radio Control Car. Saw this very very early in East Coast Mall Parkson but didn't buy it because of the price! Damn expensive for me for a control car like this which im actually not really will play it. It is more suitable for my youngest daughter.
But last last Saturday,i had bought it...using Mr Hubby's money...hehehe!!
Quite cute..the kitty head will shake to left & right when you control the car. 

We also went to the swimming pool in Wisma Belia at Kuantan with my brother & his girlfriend. Yes,Mr Hubby knows swimming! im so proud of him..xD 

Annabelle went with us. She didn't join swimming too,same like me because her bikini haven't arrive. Had ordered a pair of bikini for her online. While me? i can't because i don't know how to swim..and also i was 'period' at that moment..
Annabelle was trying to take photo.

From the pic above,you can see how enjoy is her! Hehehe...

Some Hello Kitty for me after quite a long time busy myself ordering new clothes & accessories for my dolls. A very big Hello Kitty scissors and what makes me happier is the scissors in pink! 
Also doing pre-order for the scissors. Got ready stock earlier but already sold out. Thanks God for my good business hehehe..
Bought a new measure tape to replace the old one. i have the one is the plushie one and gets dirty easily. Therefore,this time i bought this type. 

i have a habit of bringing measure tape in my handbag. Just in case i need it to measure...

Photo taken by my only sister.
She was also having holiday and back to Kuantan with us. i like how she took photo of me. i look cute lol...

Ending the post today with a photo of Annabelle wearing kimono ♥ 
Now only i know there is certain way of wearing kimono. i learnt it online. Surely you all feel weird where is Cindy(my blythe doll)? 

i had sent her to a Blythe customizer to customize her face. Feeling like sending her to do face surgery,lolol... i like those Blythe doll's face which doesn't have shining face,their nose,their mouth seem like real people. Their eyelid got drawing art. Already cute just by describing.
Wait i get Cindy back and you will see how pretty she had becomes =) 

If the look satisfied me,i will send Annabelle too but need save money costs a lot just to customize their face...@.@

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