Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Blog Look(ミ・。・ミ) you think about my blog new 'look'? I think it is simple and sweet. I think I'm really really grown up now! Feel that my blog previous look so 'crowded' and full! Too many cutesy till it didn't look any cute. So,I had spent nearly 2 of my rest days in decorating my blog's look. Why I say my rest days?? I had fallen sick these 2 days. Cough,flu and sore throat. Therefore,feeling kinda bored resting at home,think of revamping my blog.

The most special part of my blog that I like most is the chatbox hidden. You can leave a comment to my chatbox by clicking at the cute Hello Kitty hanging at the corner left side. And the chatbox will appear. How cute! But,haven't figured out how to close the chatbox..>.<

The BIO and TAG word can press it and will appear my short biodata and my posts' tag. Entry refering to all my posts. Stuff..? I haven't decide what to put yet..haha!!

I seldom blog but actually more often story telling in Dayre. If you have free time and willing to read my story, can by clicking the cute Dayre icon at the left sidebar.

My online BFF, Meijoyce went to Japan. (How I wish I will have the chance to go to Japan someday) I had requested her to buy this Hello Kitty nanoblock once I saw she uploaded the pic of it in her Instagram. Lucky she got bought extra.
Okay,as usual,a few of souvenirs for me! Why she is so nice one leh...hehe!!

KitKat in different bean and also the one in green colour,not sure is what flavour(I think is green tea) but Mr Hubby and me super like all of them! Blogging this time about this,the KitKat already been finish consumed by us.

Milky Peko X Hello Kitty candies. 
My daughters' super like the candies. Thanks, Joyce babe. I tried one too and it is sweet,not bad..hehe!!

Hello Kitty Tokyo Skytree charm. 

Some Universal Studios Japan envelopes.

The nanoblock I finished built.
Cute cute and also cute right? Hihihi...
I need to go zzZ now as the medicine I ate give effect now..sleepy~


♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...


summer Gal said...

Hi I got to know your blog through browsing for hello kitty item.
I also heart hello kitty,wondering where you get the milky hello kitty sweet?as Singapore don't sell the hello kitty version and the laundry basket?
I can be contact at name is Lisa (;
Hope to see your reply and let's make friends.

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@summer Gal: Lol..I thought you read my blog post :P Cos I already told where the milky hello kitty sweets from...
My friend bought for me from her trip to Japan :) While the laundry basket is from Korea :)

Btw, nice to meet you <3 And I'm from Malaysia.

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