Monday, May 12, 2014

HelloKitty Bubbly World(ミ・。・ミ) getting super fed-up with my 'old' iphone 4.
After i updated it to IOS 7, it is super lag and slow.
Shouldn't have update it to IOS 7.
i really got a rush wanna get the 5s NOW.
But i really need to hold myself,control myself because
i want to wait for Iphone 6 releases and see how it looks like.
So excited to wait for Iphone 6 and can i sleep now?
Wake me up when Iphone 6 is release...

So,every Malaysian Hello Kitty junkies are so excited about the Hello Kitty Circus Set 
from McDonald's Malaysia released starting 1 May.
i had the full set & also
 the limited edition Jumbo elephant,hard cover book
and 26 pcs of alphabets card. 
All from Hong Kong McDonald's last year.
Malaysia McDonald's is always slow...

When everyone is busy collecting the circus set, at the same time,
Singapore McDonald's is the first country to release the Hello Kitty Bubbly World set
in celebration of Hello Kitty 40th anniversary.
Hello Kitty is dressed up as her friends and appearing for the 
first time shaped like a balloon.

Luckily,my Singapore friend(who wished to stay unknown)
had managed to help me order 1 set. Actually i had asked her to help me get 2 sets,
as i thought i,maybe,able to sell the extra set since everyone is 
so desperate to get this bubbly world set.
But,once the website, starting to receive order,my friend couldn't 
buy for me too at first because she said the page kept hanging there.
Fortunate enough,she had asked her sister to help her and so my set is safe.
But not extra set. i can only get 1 set. 

Super happy to receive it today.
Monday Blue?? NO ANYMORE!
They are nicely kept in a white box printed with
Hello Kitty 40th anniversary logo.

The 6 of them ♥ 
Hello Kitty is dressed up in My Melody,Pompompurin,Kerokerokeroppi,
Osaru No Monkichi,Tuxedosam & Bad Badtz-Maru.

Back of the boxes.
My favourite Sanrio character besides Hello Kitty is 
My Melody & Badtz-Maru.

The certificate is kept in this hard file.

Certificate of completion lol...
If you are my Facebook friends or Instagram followers,
you can view the short video clip of this collection.
i already posted in Facebook and Instagram.
Sorry for not posting the video here because video uploading in blogger
is slow and like forever not uploaded..haha!!

Last Saturday,i had went to Johor attend my cousin's daughter's wedding dinner.
And so,it had been quite a while no taking photo together with Mr Hubby.
We are like always together,so seldom take photo.
Do we look like dating couple? Hehehe!!
Mr Hubby is 35 this year while I'm 30.
We look young,ikr..haha!!

Like photostate? Haha!!
Everyone said my youngest daughter looks like her father.
I'm a bad mom as i forgot to take photo of my 2 elder daughters.
Busy chatting with my relatives and also my sister whom i 
can meet her now. She is not living with me anymore.
She is now working as a barista in Johor.

Do we look like couple more than sisters? hehe...

Not to forget my 2 dollies.

The restaurant quite dark so all the photos come out 
not so nice. Dark face lol..but i like this photos so much!!
She is my only sister. What i can say about her is
she is the bestest sis in this world and i feel blessed to have her 
No words can describe how great she is!! 
i will love and support her forever!

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