Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Asus Memo Pad(ミ・。・ミ)

Recently my iphone kept on acting up. 
Like when i was enjoying viewing Instagram, suddenly force quit itself. Sometimes,Facebook app kept on crashing, not allowing me to enter! It is something with the jailbreak,but i can't update it because i will lose my jailbreak.  Waiting to buy iphone 6. 
Therefore, i kept on complaining to get a 5s instead. 
Mr Hubby advised me to be patient. So,he had suggested to 
get Asus Memo Pad HD7 because of the reasonable price
& also quite a good device. Had been online reading some of the review regarding this device. Cheap device and of course performance not the greatest but for me,i consider okay.

I used it to view Facebook and Instagram,play games and watch movies. The screen is bigger than Note 2 hehe.. 
Few colours available for this device. Definitely go for pink but I'm always not the lucky one. Pink out of stockand if i really want,i need to wait for a month. I'm the kind of person who can't wait. So,Mr Hubby is super sweet,super generous to buy the white one for me. He told me if i really can't accept the colour and still want to get the pink one, i can order again.
In the meantime,playing with this first while waiting for the pink. That's a good idea! I can online now without all those force quit problem. 

The white still ok for me. This is android based device,so it has Play Store. After i use it a few days,i realized a good point. I can straight watch movie from site via Google Chrome using this Asus Memo Pad. Tried before my Note 2 but can't.  Haven't try on iphone because the screen too small but ipad tried and tested,can't too. My ipad belongs to my younger daughter now...>.< She doesn't allow us to use it. Ah...nowadays kids.

Must decorate it  as cute as possible..hehe!!
Bought the pink long fur from Daiso,and it looks perfect with my Memo Pad. The reason not to buy ipad: we already had one, not to buy Samsung Tab: we had Note 2,although it is not tab series,but it is the same brand. China brand,Lenovo quite popular,but not really like its design and doubt about its functionality.  Therefore, decided to get Asus as my brother bought one for his girlfriend earlier and from her,i know it is quite a good device! She got the pink one *jealous die me*

But if i really want to get a new pink,Mr Hubby is fine with it. So,i still can get a new one. Decision in my hands. Hehehe...
Besides, i get to decorate this device sweetly. I made a wallpaper for it too. If it is ipad, need jailbreak only can use theme. Quite bored actually. 
The clock is live clock. Clock widget download from PlayStore.
Icons are from Mocmoc Go Launcher theme.
Wallpaper by me. Feel like a wall background with a big photo frame hanging there. Super like the wallpaper that i also made it for my iphone. 

I'm taking request making this wallpaper.
Head over to my iphone goodies blog for more details. I can make the wallpaper for any devices.
My blog link is in 'SHOP' under my photo at the left sidebar.

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