Saturday, May 31, 2014

SK-II DAY(ミ・。・ミ)

Received SMS from SK-II promoter saying that yesterday the 30th is one day offer which you purchase RM1500 & above, you can get free SK-II products worth RM1500 too. Great deal ,ikr!!

As a smart consumer😁😝😜,i should purchase on this day when there is some of my daily skin care almost finish. Besides,also 5x BonusLink points & 2x Parkson vouchers.The vouchers can use to buy Father's Day pressie for my dad & my father-in-law.  Mr Hubby 's money flies flies again lol...

So,i bought facial cleanser,whitening spots specialist and whitening source derm-brightener. But this 3 items cannot reach RM1500. I get another extra cleanser as can use too. 

Here's the free gift i get.
Cellumination day surge UV (the white long bottle) My UV protector also almost finish but i didn't buy it because i know the free gift include this day surge UV for free! 
Signs uplifter(the red bottle one),i need this as I'm really really adraid i will look old,wrinkles everywhere and lack of firmness/sagging skin 😭😭

8 pcs of facial treatment mask,2 pcs of skin signature 3D redefining mask,skin signature eye cream and sample sizes of facial treatment essence-eye, clear lotion,repair C and facial treatment essence. 

All these add up my existing SK-II can lasts for over a year,i bet!!

Don't say me oh...every girl likes to be pretty,isn't it? There is a saying: there is no ugly girl but only lazy girl in this world. I totally agreed 👍👍

Surprise again from HongKong McDonald's.  
Starting this 5th of June, release this World Cup plushies set.
7 plushies altogether, the orange head is limited edition.

And lucky you, Malaysian Hello Kitty junkies,I'm doing a quick pre-order for this set.  You may LINE/wechat mrskittyyi to ask for the price. Pre-order will close this 3rd June and NO REPEAT ORDER. As once the set releases, the price will be extremely high due to market demand high. So,i won't be doing repeat order. 

Will get a set for myself too ✌

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