Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Heel Pumps

It is no secret that most women adore shoes(I'm one of them too!!).
 Whenever I feel blue, buying a new pair of high heels can be an instant mood lifter.
Whenever I feel bored,I would make a trip to my favourite shoe store.

I know I shouldn't get any more shoes especially high heels as I really have a lot of it
but I just can't resist from buying haha...
I mostly shop online. It is easier,various designs to choose from
and most importantly,deliver right at your doorstep! :)
I think Zalora not uncommon to most of you.
This is one of my favourite online store where I got most of my shoes,
specially heel pumps

I'm not an expert but I can share my 2 cents on how to find fashionable shoes 
that will make you look trendier and glamorous than ever! 
-Like if you are wearing an over-the-top dress 
just keep your shoes toned down. 
-However if your look is low-key then 
you might need to choose one attention getter to add the excitement.
-Never settle for discomfort. 
If you can’t walk in them, do not buy them! 
Limping around in a pair of gorgeous heels is not graceful.
Unless you are trained to wear high heels just like me ;)

Ignore my dry skin legs :(
-Step out of your comfort zone and 
challenge yourself to wear bright shoes. 
They would make a brighter statement on your whole look.
For me,I prefer brighter,colourful shoes than dark colour shoes.-
Say no to stilettos if you are going for outdoor activities. 
First because it will be difficult for you to walk around 
when your heels keep sinking into the ground and 
second you would ruin your precious shoes.
 -If you want to ditch flats and want height 
then wedges are the best option there is. 

Trust me,head over to Zalora. Who doesn't like discount??
Subscribe to Zalora newsletter and you get RM25 off your order.
They are having big sales now too. Discount up too 70%!!!

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