Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pampering time

Okay,so last week I had made an appointment for eyelash extension!! 😍
Just knew that Mentakab(another town near to my living town,Temerloh) has a beauty centre do eyelash extension.
You know how convenient after the extension where you always look fabulous even without make-up 😆

Ta-da!! Photo taken in the morning..

Another photo. My eyes looks soooo nice right!! Haha... I'm satisfied with the eyelash extension. 
It costs RM118. There is a type that costs RM95 but that one is the most natural look, so I think not thick enough.. 

Already pass a week and the eyelash extension still looks fine 😁 
Today, I went to this same beauty centre for pedicure. My feet need pampering too 😝 foot spa,foot scrub,foot massage and pedicure 😏so enjoy!


New toe nail design for the month of December. So pinky 💗💗💗
I super like the cherry design. Always envy those manicurist so talented in drawing the design. How can they draw so nice when the nail is so tiny!! 😲😲 
Btw, that's my new sandals from Zalora.
Hologram is the trend now 😊✌️
Matching cover hehehe...
(My endless collection of iPhone covers) 

I got myself a few new covers every month. I know I shouldn't but just can't control lol..😂😂

This cover(below) is so funny!
Wahahaha...sure caught a lot of attention when you use it. 

The end of last month was my office 'head' birthday. We made a little surprise birthday celebration for her.
We bought a cake for her!
Actually there is only 1 man working in our office but he just resigned last month 😢 He is my 'sifu'. Teaching me accounts. Anyway, I'm still learning now. 
Another accountant will be teaching me 😊 She is the one standing beside me in the photo. My bff in the office 😅 Same age with me but she very pro in accounts.

We still go jogging. Sometimes rest day as I was very tired especially when office work load is heavy.
Last Sunday...
My elder daughter grown up a lot right? 😌😌 I'm glad she is..
Next year she will get her I.C.
Time really flies.
I had 3 daughters and my friend just got married 😅😅 Tomorrow will attend his wedding dinner. Can have a chance to gather with my old friends. Secondary school friends ❤️ Tomorrow also my youngest daughter's kindergarten concert & graduation day. Will be a busy day 😝 
And then, we will have a short family getaway to Ipoh 😁 on Monday.
I will update here soon when time allows hehehe...


Anonymous said...

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adellia said...

Hye dear.can u share the beauty centre name and where its located? Im interested with the eyelash extenti0ns.tq in advance dear

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@adellia, it is Esther Nail House located in Mentakab, Pahang.

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