Tuesday, March 10, 2015


So, on the 14th day of Chinese New Year, mother-in-law had asked us to join her to Genting. Main reason is to see fireworks but we get the wrong news!! We thought the fireworks is on 4th March night but it is actually on 5th March..😂😂
Selfie before get on car.. Haha!!

Once we reached Genting on 4/3, we checked in First World hotel first. Then, brought kids to play games. Mr Hubby's elder & younger brother also went together. When you have kids, they are your priority! Mr Hubby & me didn't go into casino as we need to look after our kids. Mother-in-law went  to casino with brother-in-law.

Thanks to Mr Hubby's younger brother for this nice photo..❤️
Surely the kids had a happy time! 
Don't you agree? Hehe!!
Even Mr Hubby & his brother also like big kids..😅😜  Only me busy photo-taking hehe!!

Selfie with Mr Hubby's aunt's daughter 😊 Do I look like same age with her? 😁
I'm actually 11 years older than her!! 
Very valuable photo as we hardly selfie together 😜

The second day, after having dim-sum as breakfast, we had the chance to see live show from performer. 
He was making a balloon for my daughter! Guess is what?
It is a doggie!! 💕

My daughters had a photo together with the performer.
Magician + performer = happy kids 

We checked out after that, and went to Genting Strawberry Park & Lavender Garden. Before the outdoor theme park close, we never go to the strawberry park..So, brought my daughters there to let them see how strawberries grow & they get to cut and pick strawberries.
See? My girls so enjoyed!
From their face, you know it!

Lavender Garden.

Just a few hours, the doggie balloon had became...😂😂
My naughty lil girl prefer me to hold her hands like this! (See above pic)
My OOTD for that day 5/3/15.
Looks young right!! Haha!! I know Im so narcissistic hehe...
It is unicorn sweater & unicorn shoes!!
Okay, I know I look childish posing like this.. But who cares!! Hehe... I'm those person who will wear what I like, be myself, not caring what others' opinion towards me. As long as I'm happy..😊

When the trip end...
My active girl really so tired..

Ended this post with a pic of me as the driver last Saturday back to my parents' home..
Nice car ❤️

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