Monday, March 23, 2015

Major Cineplex(ミ・。・ミ)

So, I didn't expect these 2 sets from Major Coneplex Thailand thissss BIG!!!
My 3-year-old daughter sitting behind the box. Big, isn't it? I thought the tumbler is like normal, standard size tumbler selling in supermarkets. 

Therefore, worth it!! 
Costs me few hundreds Malaysia ringgit. 😁
The little can in front in the pic is Hello Kitty Eco can. Limited edition!! My cousin bought for me.

Nice box packaging.
4 different design of the tumblers with Hello Kitty on top & 4 popcorn containers.
This is My First Love set, also from Major Cineplex Thailand.
Dear Daniel & Hello Kitty ❤️
I think released during Valentine's Day this year.

I wonder if I go to cinema and bring along the popcorn container, so when I buy the popcorn, I can put it into the container.. Isn't it looks cute? Hehehe... Sure get a lot of attention!

You all will be wondering how me,1 person can use so many tumblers.. No, I keep them as my collection. Collector set 😁 Not gonna use them. Maybe will use 1 in the future? Don't know yet.
My little hand holding the tumbler. Big right!!
Among the 4 design, I like this the most! Hello Kitty wearing 3D glasses ❤️
The couple set sweet in pastel colour. Can't decide which set to buy, so bought all 2 sets even though budget tighttttt this month!!! 
Heard that both the set till May only. So hurry head to Thailand Major Cineplex get your set.
Or you can contact me for price enquiry as I helped my cousin do pre-order. She will be going to Thailand 4/4. So, if you really want, wechat or LINE mrskittyyi before 4/4 to make order ☺️

When you get to see the real set, you surely fall in love! Definitely!! 

My daughters, 3 of them such a sweetie! They bought me my wish charm. Waving cat or Maneki Neko in Japanese.
Earliest Mother's Day present from them. Super advance!! 
Another Pandora charm list ticked. I wonder how long does it takes for me to complete my Pandora bracelet? 😳

Yesterday selfie when I feel sleepy.
So that's the sleepy face lol..😝
Sleeping on Mr Hubby's leg. 
I just like selfie a lot haha!! 

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