Friday, March 6, 2015


Received my customized iPhone case from Casetify. Super like it!! Highly recommended. The quality is so good. And photos all very clear, not dark dark.
If you like customized photo case too, hurry download Casetify app from App Store or Play Store. You can straight customize the case straight from your smartphone and save it, add to cart! 
Remember to type my code, 'Q5FS9M' to get $10 off. 
Trust me! You won't regret after buying the case..😁😁

I know I'm such a case-holic!! 
Very cute purple furry sheep case for my baby iphone 6. It is custom made and if you are interested, can pre-order with me 😊

Just to show off my new floral watch! 
Bought it from eBay! It is super cheap!! And I ordered another floral design, waiting it to reach me! Ahh...I will go crazy if I see any floral flower stuff 😂 

My elder daughter finished this Newton Memory Programme and achieved 'Distinction'. 2nd daughter also get the same result but as the certificate typed wrong her name, so the teacher need to print out a new one for her. So, now showing 1 certificate first hehe!! 
Proud of my princess ❤️ 

Got this pink lion from a kiosk in First World Plaza, Genting. Yeah, went to Genting last Wednesday with my mother-in-law, brothers-in-law & family to celebrate last day of Chinese New Year. Will upload some of the nice photos in next post 😘❤️ 

Miss Lucy performed lion dance.
The lion fits her perfectly! And it is in pink too! I bought it at RM50. A bit expensive(relative said) but I think is ok lah.. Mr Hubby said whatever I like, I won't think it is expensive haha!! 😂😂

Time really flies! So fast Chinese New Year already over.. 
The 5th day of Chinese New Year: Met a friend,had drink and long chatting with her. 
13 years of friendship, still counting :)
Haven't seen her for a few years due to both of us busy with own works. She is like my elder sister, caring me so much.
Hope we will be friends forever! 😊 

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