Saturday, March 21, 2015

Short hair(ミ・。・ミ)

Yes, I had cut my long boring hair!
5 years ago, tried cut to short hair till now, again...
I quite like my new hairstyle 😁 
And a lot of my friends, relatives giving comments that short hair suits me more.

Sleepy eyes 💤💤

Super like this photo taken with Mr Hubby ❤️
1 of my wechat friend said Mr Hubby looks like Ha Dong-hoon from Running Man. I googled search immediately, sorry as seldom keep up-to-date with Korean artists..
Personally, I think not really look alike..😆

How about this?
Sexy babe? Haha!!

Throwback to before cutting my hair.. My elder daughter wears spectacles now! Luckily still looks cute ❤️

Done built this Hello Kitty Cake Shop blocks from my sister. 
She bought it from Singapore. Always have my heart ❤️ 
Why took me so long time to build such easy blocks? That's because I need to build it when my youngest daughter take her noon nap. And I had done all the housework. 
If not, she will busy herself playing with the blocks. And I might risk losing some..😆😁

Popular bookstore having sales again. Is the time of the year again. Bought this book.
Yeah.. I'm trying to be a good mom 👩💪
Starting to read this book. 
A few pages read, and it caught my attention so much! Can't stop myself from keep on reading it. 

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